Monday, 17 October 2011

Two Blogs that everyone must see!

Ben Templesmith.
One of my favourite artists, Ben Templesmith hails from Australia and illustrates graphic novels.
His artwork is very recognisable, with dark images and a great use of colour.
I love his blog as it comes across as being honest and open with his fans, he will answer most questions that are presented to him and has no problem sharing his techniques and tools that he uses to create his artwork.

His use of light within a dark and gloomy background really helps to create a macabre atmosphere whilst also making his style very distinctive.

James Jean.

American artist that I discovered after starting a new graphic novel series called 'Fables', James Jean created the individual covers for the series and his illustrations are absolutely beautiful, very delicate strokes and an almost dreamlike quality to the work.

Soft light and pastel colour palettes are indicative of his work, although he tends to reflect in his illustrations the theme of the story that will follow. The series itself is a portrayal of characters from old fairy tales that have been ousted from 'The homelands' and forced to move to our world, residing in a part of New York city known as 'Fabletown'

I found his website quite uninformative, however he has a massive index of his work which I was more than happy to browse through for a few hours!

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