Friday, 4 November 2011

Shiny fuzzy pretty things..Flock and Foil!

One of the most recent workshops that I attended was flock and Foil in the print room, I really enjoyed every aspect of the workshop and wanted my design to be one that would take full advantage of the finer details that can be achieved with this process.

My design was influenced by my jewellery box, which was passed down to me from my mum.

The box that influenced my design.

I didn't want my design to be a direct copy, so I took aspects of the box and composed my own design.

I think it worked really well with both Flock and Foil.

Flock can be applied to both paper and fabric as well as a number of other different materials.

Foils can also be applied to both paper and fabric, the shiny surface adds an extra contrast to the colour of both paper and foil.

These are some images that were produced using metallic inks, I found they were a bit messier as the ink is very runny and not as easy to control.

Overall this is an excellent medium that i'm definitely going to use again, the detail that can be achieved is very fine and also has the added extra of being tactile and soft to the touch.

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