Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A view from my window ~ images for Lino and dry point

I wish i'd taken some more interesting photo's, however my street is pretty boring so that would have been difficult.

Our cats have ideas of grandeur and fame and wouldn't leave me alone so they appeared in a few of my pictures.

After a discussion with Maria about the fireside book I either left the kitties out or made them more stylised.

This was a sketch for my Lino design, I ended up removing this pesky kitty from my final lino cut.

Lino cut and ready to print.
Lino print in blue, I like the simplicity of this print, although I wish I had thought about the colours and maybe worked into it more.

This is the drypoint print, if I were to do it again I would use less extender with the ink to give it a darker print, although this works well also.

Second design for lino cutting.

After my first lino cut, I wanted to try double or triple colours, it proved tricky trying to figure out which bits were going to stay certain colours and which bits to cut out next etc.. overall I like the outcome but would like to try some different colours next time.

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